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Each version of the spec is backward compatible with the previous spec the only difference is the data transfer speed will slow down to the lowest common denominator in the chain, thus if you are connecting a USB 3 hard drive to a USB 1 or 2 port on a computer, it will work however you will only get USB 1 or 2 data speeds and not USB 3. If you are using hard drives which were formatted to another cablebox or satellite system and have data on them then the motorola cable box will not recognize the hard drive since it has data on it and boot up and copy protection associated with your previous direct TV satellite receiver. Thanks for your rapid response. A note to our American and International readers — Cableboxes are like cell phones in order to work they need to be connected to a network — in this case a cable company. We like the full feature front panel soft touch control buttons which include direct buttons for Menu, guide, format, channel up and down, and GUI — up, down, left, right and select buttons in addition to the power button.

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There is no, one best HDTV content provider or method of transmission. This is a brand new unit including manual. The end result should look like this in the Device Manager, with both devices installed under “Imaging Devices”: These units are compatible with Comcast and possibly Armstrong and MediaCom as well.

I have no problem with installing a hard drive. Sign in Register Forgot password?

The remote terminal or portal box receives streaming video from the PVR box which is located outside the bedroom elsewhere in the house. It simply reflects the provider in question is capable of using the hardware and that people have been able to activate units with them in the past.


Motorola DCX STB (MPEG-4)

A couple of other things — your hard dcx-34zx needs to be formatted in Windows FAT32 format Give these things a try and let us know how you made out. Another solution would be to try a different hard drive and of course in order to rule out an issue with the connecting cables a second eSata or USB Cable would be helpful especially if you know for certain the connecting USB or eSata cable works on dcc-34xx device.

Units are locked on channel ‘0’ until activation. Good luck and Thanks for Reading Techtipsandtoys. There is nothing wrong with your remote — the HD in your PVR probably has some bad sectors in it and when it reaches one of them it stop the PVR from working.

Motorola DCX P2| HDTV

The one exception to this is Video Walls and Matrix video displays and digital signage which usually used DVI connections. With one cable clearly HDMI is more convenient to hook up and leaves little room of error and wrong connections. I would be satisfied if they even charged for that service. The cable box is essentially a streaming computer av/f communicates continually back and forth with the content provider ie Cable Company.

Run the CapDVHS program that you downloaded in Step 1 above, and select the “Setting” tab to configure the location of saved ddx-34xx files. I really appreciate the quick responses and suggestions. I will question the cable techs about this possibility the next time I speak to them. I was able to copy recorded shows from my Comcast Motoro,a to my Windows XP computer fairly easily using a FireWire cable, a few software drivers, and a free video streaming program.


For cable systems outside of the USA, please contact your provider to ensure they will activate a 3rd party unit as they are not required to provide you with a cable card or provision a unit not from them.

If you wish to avoid the Av/ digital copy protection and handshake and sync issues and display delays you may wish to connect the cable box to your TV with the component video cables. Start by troubleshooting the mute button on the remote and make sure it is controlling the component dcc-34xx want it to ie: I have no time…channel.

Where does that fit in? Windows will recognize the connection and will prompt you with it’s built-in Hardware Connection wizard.

Motorola DCX STB (MPEG-4)

Sounds like the hard drive in your DCX may be going. January 24, at 8: Quantity Out of stock. If you wish to avoid the HDCP just hook up via component video as you are currently doing now and everything will work the same as it is now however the cable box will have a faster processor and larger hard drive.

Is there something that needs to be done to the new remote to make it compatible with the older TV? June 30, at 2: Shaw continues to be one of the most reliable providers of HDTV programming and distribution. Rogers also owns several broadcasts TV stations. This hard drive will then only work with the cable box it was formatted on and cannot be swapped between mtorola boxes.