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Some eyepieces, especially modern ones, can be much deeper in which case the adaptor clamps onto eyepeice. Two adjustable size eyepiece adapters that allow you to attach the camera onto almost any microscope without having to remove the eyepiece. New Motic Images Plus 3. Motic Stereomicroscopes Digital Microscopes. If the author’s often frustrating!

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Our multi-language interface offers several choices for either basic or more advanced image control options, filters and color correction.

Provides advice on laptop specs. A grey button bottom left allows full screen preview for larger preview settings. The new version of our well-known Image analysis software will leave you astonished! The calibration save name can be chosen to suit if desired e. See Klaus Kemp’s website for the range of slides available to purchase. Video recording or time lapse capturing are other significant integrated features. The Moticams are known around the globe for their ease-of-use and their adaptability to a number cakera applications.

The preview camer capture areas can be individually set but only certain combinations possible.

Motic cam 3+, 3MP, USB

Everything that you may need to work with your Moticam is included in one box. Moticam CMOS cameras are redesigned from the ground-up making sure that only the highest levels of quality and servicability are met.


Motic Images Plus is an imaging suite included for both PC and Macintosh OSX platforms providing measurement, analysis and sharing tools for teachers, students and researchers alike.

The so-called ‘C mount’ on camera and relay lens is an industry standard, so if desired a simple adaptor can be bought from most microscope dealers to insert camera directly into eyepiece tube as shown earlier.

All measurements are saved in a measurement table acmera one for the example is below. Prelude Light Source Illumination. If measuring software with calibration features are required there are also excellent freeware or shareware software packages like Marien van Westen’s Micam software which seem to work with a variety of USB cameras.

YSC Technologies

Our well-known Software that comes included with all Moticams has been completely re-designed! In the ‘Measure’ menu is an ‘Autosegment’ option. Filterwielen manueel Filterwielen gemotoriseerd. Critical focus and fine detail capture test: Additional stills and video added March 16th Motic Stereomicroscopes Digital Microscopes. This is an important reminder as measurements must be made on an image capture of the same size as the calibration ‘sign name’ chosen otherwise massive errors will result.

Supported by our own In-House team of Software and Mechanical Engineers, each Moticam has the necessary equipment to help you turn your images into knowledge. A personal review of the Moticam digital microscope camera.


When connected to a computer, the Moticam becomes an instant Digital Microscopy workstation with Motic”s Images Plus 2. Unsure if Mac versions. The four adaptors and relay lens supplied enable it to be readily connected to other optical items. Moticam with USB 2.

The background subtraction feature is particularly handy as here at the lowest mag settings. Each can be clicked to bring into the image editing area.

Digital Microscope Cameras

This allows much less space to be taken up cf full 15fps video as well as speeding up slowish movement, in this case by a factor of 30x. Motic’s stated maximum frame rates for the Moticam are ’10fps x30fps x’. For users with more efficient microscope lamps this may not be a factor. Click image for master 1. Four centring mounts 28 mm, 30 mm, 34 mm, 35 mm with quick release. Left – brightfield; right – phase.