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There can be a maximum of five operators, who are identified by an operator card. If this hardware is not installed, these boxes must be left unchecked. NOTE The user is strongly recommended to assign a password to one operator card at least. Description of the failure Reported: The Minilab operator deletes the folder with the finished request. The Web Server administrator must configure the Remote Prints services from the Web Site in order to receive these requests. Each parameter is a new search criterion.

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Managing Albums Appendix B.

Follow the instructions shown in the screen. In this case the table below shows 4 different ways that system can be powered off, and the procedure that the system follows for each case. If it is hidden, and there is a coin mechanism, make sure that it is properly connected and powered up, and restart the program.

Insert the coins to be cp95500dw-s into the hoppers. This payment can work as an alternative when other methods fail. The price area will show the range of prices available depending on the format and the number of copies requested if price ranges are active.


Whenever the system gives out change or a customer inserts a coin of the same dp9500dw-s, the hopper amount is refreshed automatically. Kiosk Kernel is in charge of: Indicates the number of pixels from the left edge of the sheet. Operator Manual Installation Requirements 7. It will be used to identify the operator. Calculated on pressing the close balance button.

Card insertion is not required. This is the list of formats supported by ClickPro 7.

Mitsubishi Electric CP9500DW-S Manuals

The application or device is not ready due to start-up jobs March – v2. Shows the action that the customer or the Kiosk performed: NOTE All ticket transactions are saved until the Supervisor decides to delete their transaction logs.

To select more one picture and upload and download the number of copies to all at once. Kiosk and Administrator Information: See next section for more details.

Mitsubishi CP9500DW Digital Photo Thermal Printer

See the Appendix C. It is not saved on the hard disk March – v2. Check the example below. Contact your local dealer for more information. If no button is pressed, the screen saver will start after this time. The total amount becomes red when the balance on a prepayment card is exceeded.


Color photo printer Mitsubishi CPDW-S, CPDW-S

DPS PrintServer 76 78 79 80 81 82 82 83 6. Select Your Pictures 2. The manufacturer is not responsible for the improper use of this feature. Detail of payments grouped by Payment Mode types. It will be automatically resent later. A remote service is a product or an activity that a Kiosk provides to web users through the customer Web site interface when the print-out service is selected.

The different service options can be enabled or disabled. Date and time of the customer action on that request. How To create a Photo web album user.