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You must supply navigation and mapping software. Our review sample came from Clove Technology. It comes with a GPS viewer application but no mapping or guidance software, so you’ll need to provide your own copy of CoPilot, TomTom or whatever Windows Mobile software you prefer. Just as with the X, the station call numbers are off– FM station The same is true of the X which uses the same software as well as Bluetooth and WiFi radios.

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Only time will tell if the slider stays tight the Wizard’s tended to get loose over time.

Eten glofiish M – Full phone specifications

You can add any program to any tab using M-Desk settings press the wrench icon to get there. The M’s keyboard lacks a number row and the keys occupy the full available height and most of the available width, so they are as large as they can be at 9mm wide by 6mm tall.

Though somewhat plain and plasticy in appearance, the M is solidly constructed and the slider is snug with a reassuring snap into open and closed positions. The M-Desk application launcher The M ships with Skype VoIP support a utility that automatically pipes incoming Skype audio to the earpiecebut not the application itself.

The bundled backup app. The same is true of the X The Glofiish M is a well connected device with WiFi The “compass” view shows the current time and date, latitude, longitude, altitude, speed and GPS status. It’s a nice addition over the basic Windows Mobile 5 networking control panel which provides very little connection information.


Eten glofiish M700 Specs, review, opinions, comparisons

The gloriish screen works in both portrait and landscape modes screen rotation is a standard feature of Windows Mobile SE and newerand the smartphone comes with a telescoping stylus. We like the Samsung family of XScale compatible processors: Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Extreme 8. Clearly this keyboard is not suitable for touchtyping.

The stylus, which sits in a slot glofiisj the bottom right corner, is a little on the small and light side, and we found it poorly weighted for serious use.

Time to first fix is roughly a minute and a hot start takes 30 seconds.

However, it’s OK for prodding with a finger while the device is sitting on a desk, or for thumb-driven operation with the device held between both hands.

There’s also a profile manager and switcher called Scenarios. Unfortunately, there are no dedicated OK or Windows Start Menu keys on the front face these would speed up one-handed operation. Overall, the E-TEN Glofiish M is positively brimming with features, and the inclusion of a GPS receiver should be of particular interest to mobile professionals who want to keep the device count to a minimum. Apple iPhone 7 Plus 9. The M has a battery meter on the top menu bar and an indicator on the Today Screen– good going E-TEN, why doesn’t Microsoft make this a standard feature?


Basic GPS viewer with satellite view included. There’s a battery release latch that you’ll need to slide down before removing the battery.

The speaker does distort at high volumes. My Profile Log Glofiiwh. For sound the M gloviish a rear-firing loud speaker than handles system sounds, music playback and the speakerphone. The bundled headset works well for calls and doubles as stereo headphones for multimedia playback. You can set discoverability, default headset and specify the FTP folder on the device. The camera lens, flash and self portrait mirror are on the PDA’s back, with the speakerphone grill just to their right.

Supports TMC where available. The device is responsive by Windows Mobile standards and the CPU is more than up to demanding tasks such as gaming, mapping, video playback and rendering glofiiwh pages quickly. Has LED flash and self portrait mirror.

It ups the ante with WiFi The camera viewfinder takes up the entire screen and you can change between portrait and landscape orientation with the tap of a button.