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And the days of being able to restore from a hard reset with a single HotSync are over. It’s aim is to be a repository for your digital content, be that photos, movies, music or large volumes of office documents. Palm LifeDrive Mobile Manager. Until then, you cannot see a good thing hovering in front of your face. The Life Drive has a 4 GB drive in it which comes in very handy for storing the databases.

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Presumably, even if PalmOne wanted to include the feature, the safety of the microdrive was incompatible with a vibrating alarm.

The Lifedrive will then carry on as it was, cheerfully oblivious to any tappings or clickings. When considering which type of mobile PDA device to get, bear in mind that the compact Palm LifeDrive fits neatly into your pocket for easy portability and has a sleek exterior with a brushed silver finish. It lacked many of the features I needed for my work so I went on ebay and found another one.

Any form of hard-reset will erase the entire contents of the hard drive, without exception. Also in the black top section is the Ir window and the SD expansion slot.

The Tungsten C is better for e-mail and document editing, thanks to its built-in keyboard, and the Axim’s VGA screen and better video-playing software make it better for movies.


The sound is tinny and filled with static. They make fishing so easy! It’s not that bad of an inconvenience, but is a departure from what many are used to given the relative quickness of the Palm OS.

PalmOne LifeDrive Review

The PalmOne device allows you to launch, select, and view your media and business applications using just one hand thanks to the five-way navigator. The case’s hinged door becomes easier to manage over time–given that the door’s small locking tab wears out somewhat.

Point two in favor of the WiFi implementation: While not twice as thick as its predecessor, as some rumors had reported, the LD is definitely way over the edge for shirt-pocket comfort. This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 21 October, Not exactly liferdive, but presumably most people would load the LD with their files and then leave them there.

Show less Show more. I decided to purchase this used here, instead. Share Facebook Twitter Pinterest. It has been upgraded to support much faster USB 2. The device was PalmOne’s first and only foray into the “Mobile Manager” device category. I no longer have to ligedrive a bulky laptop.

Palm LifeDrive Mobile Manager Specs – CNET

You can also search for the lowest price on our PriceGrabber service. See All Buying Options. Anytime I switched to another application or the device read from the hard liffdrive would cause the music being played from the HDD to be interrupted by short, yet annoying, pauses and clicks.


I never had to reset, or had applications reset themselves as many times in 3 years with my m, as I have had with my lifedrive in not even a week of ownership. Dangle a little bait called Truth and the PPC weenies jump on the hook.

This is a nice “leave the laptop behind” feature. East Dane Designer Men’s Fashion. The new OS will have direct X included, which will support the graphics chip.

Overall the LifeDrive has a superb industrial design, there is not a sharp edge on the unit. Actually, there are a few things that are definitely better in BT 1. It may sync slower using the Bluetooth link but it is charging at the same time, so the minus is usually also a plus. Why not Bluetooth 1.

It featured a separate data partition that could be used as a portable disk drive.