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Could be maxing at 4. Message 3 of I also tried searching for mirrrors and found softpedia mirror of the file but it isn’t working. Also, there are some compatibility issues I’m waiting to be resolved. You are not directly subscribed to this bug’s notifications.

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Lenovo IBM Thinkpad X60s SD Card reader

I have this question too. This is definitely reaader a kernel bug, and even if it is, it still happens in feisty, which has 2.

I have this problem too in a Averatec series SDSDB is a standard speed generic card. As reported in this thread: Now I tried to put in some SD cards, but all cards are not working.

SD card reader X61s – Thinkpads Forum

These cards are all recognized in other computers and also in my SD-Camcorder. I found a workaround on the german ubuntu forums: And it doesn’t exist in hardware. They lenofo me to call me back but if you guys know something to solve that problem it would be much easier. What is the fastest SD card you put in? Hopefully one can help me, I already tried to call the IBM support, they are trying to find a solution, too. I am still having issues with sd card with toshiba M log of dmeg [ I’ve seen on other forums that people are using the built-in reader of the X60s successfully for ReadyBoost, so quite possibly it is an issue that is limited to my system.


I have an extra copy of Vista for my X60s, but I want to be sure I can retain all or most of the battery life. Can you see what the card reader is connected to on the X60s, using a similar technique?

I bought a rosewill rc pcmcia adapter uses fct controller chip and it works great with xd and all of the above mentioned cards EXCEPT! Thanks for checking again! IO port probe 0xx8ff: I have one of those. Ubuntu is a beginner-friendly distribution, and as such the end-user shouldn’t have to be bothered with mounting devices.

Comment on this change optional. Could it be udev rule problem?

I’ve tried with WinXP pretty much factory restore updated to current Lenovo drivers and Windows patches. Eduardo eduardo-chavarro wrote on On Mon, 17 JulCarthik Sharma wrote: In the camera the speed was ca. Message 5 of IO port probe 0xaxaff: Readed at least 2.

X60/X61 SD/SDHC slot capacity and performance? – Thinkpads Forum

IO port probe 0xcxcf7: There seems to be a problem with the Vista SD Driver. One of the biggest benefits for flash memory would come from speeding up the boot process.


I am using feisty here, and I am experiencing the same issue. How did you measure the speed of the transfer to come to your conclusion? Add tags Tag help. But for flash storage that can be removed, Vista has to use a different algorithm, because it can’t count on the boot files being there according to Joni Clark, a product marketing caard with Seagate Technologies, who I interviewed late last year.