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I installed WHS, which took longer than I expected it to. I am waiting to get some stuff sold on ebay so I have the funds to buy some ram and a hard drive for it. If one fails, I can just restore the movies to a new drive. I am working on painting some plywood shelves that are about an inch shorter to allow for airflow from the bottom vents to the fans on top. So if my pool consists of 2TB drives and I have close to 3TB in my “movies” folder, could I back up the entire folder to the 3TB drive even though the contents are spread out across the disks in the pool?

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There are 6 SATA 2. I don’t plan on using the server to do any rendering.

The studs slide in on a rail and snap back to hold the drive firmly in place. There’s room for 4 hard drives. I need to remove ik-peu433 of the 2TB drives from my EX and use it to back up that first movie drive that is just about full.

Speaking of fans, the system is really quiet. I put the vents in the bottom and I took out the glass shelves. So things are progressing Mon Jul 21, 4: Track a repair status.


Motherboard with USB3 header

Mon Sep 26, 9: I can use 3TB drives in the server but you cannot back them up? I restored my database for My Ioutech and got everything pointed at the correct files. Privacy Policy Advertise Contact.

The other remaining 5. I deleted the screen shot.

MSI designs and creates professional gaming devices. I have been looking at upgrading to WHS for a while now.

Motherboard with USB3 header

There is no fan attached to the drive bay but I am guessing that the exhaust fan and tower CPU fan iio-peu433 a decent job of providing airflow for the drives. I am thinking I probably should have gone with a powered card as I think it might give me better performance over the longer cables that I am using. Fri Sep 09, Yeah, I was able to get it to show the full 3TB well 2.

I’ll just format these to use the entire 3TB and pool them with drivepool. Previous topic Next topic. I am still waiting for drivepool to get out of beta or maybe just to M4 before I transfer all of my data off the old server. To download the proper driver, first choose your operating system, then find your device name and click the download button.


Fast Hcl msi n vga driver download. I will load movies on one drive until it is full and then move on to the next. I was able koitech get the Bios and Lights Out firmware updated as well. At this point I think I am going to fill the mediasonic with the 2TB drives out of the old server.

Receive the latest software, drivers, manual, utilities. Speaking of hard drives If I keep all of My Movies entries consecutive, I can keep track of the movies on each drive by movie in the database. Anyone have anything newer than the original release BIOS?

I have unboxed it but have not had a chance to fire it up yet. The server has been pretty solid, I have had no problems as far as it is concerned. Thu Jul 21, 8: