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The older have lpi, and the new have double, lpi. If you’re into digital art, drawing or photography, the Bamboo Create is better because of the larger area. The large Intuos5 has plenty of resolution to drive both displays connected. Each is sold with a compatible digital pen. The drawing capabilities of both models are equivalent resolution, sensitivity, etc and they vary mostly on screen size and overall industrial design.

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Wacom – Wikipedia

The Bamboo Capture and Create are very similar, except for the size and lack of eraser on the Capture pen. However, the wacom site and google did not really help. A tablet too big for your screen feels slow, requiring more hand movement, and may tire your arm muscles quicker. If your display area is no bigger than 24″ and you’re going to use it for graphic design, cinti vector illustration and general use, the Bamboo Create would suit your needs just fine. I imagine kids in this age would have no problems developing the eye to hand coordination necessary to use a pen tablet.

If not, I’d opt for the medium models as they’re more flexible, would work much intjos with multiple displays and feel more comfortable to use. I was puzzled about this since reading that the Intuos3 intios removable plastic sheets to place the drawing under, but this model has been discontinued.


I wonder if you can help me decide. Retrieved October 6, Ihtuos urge anyone considering a Wacom to read up the cintiq companions power issues.

I’ve returned to report that I currently have in my possession a Bamboo Comic a Japanese Bamboo Create that comes with software for manga and stuff like that. The proportions map perfectly and cintia precision is excellent. Inkling, [25] announced on August 30,enables artists to draw sketches on paper that could be converted into digital images. Views Read Edit View history. She also draws a lot and designs in 2D programs, and the tablet is perfect in those environments.

This would allow you to keep the tablet mapped to a single display at a time, using its whole area for better precision.

Older models had a clear overlay that could be cintiqq, but current ones are fixed. I find that in starting a selection or locating a point I want to start on, the cursor is jittery and I have a hard time “hitting the target”.

The medium model will appear to have a faster pen and you’d have to use shorter strokes, compared to your your large tablet at work.

People with friends and blogs and passion, people who like art and fashion. My nibs last for ages. Therefore, I’m still leaning toward the large. You can also try eBay. Retrieved November 17, The only caveat, though, is that 3D modeling programs rely a lot on the mouse wheel to navigate and your boyfriend may miss that.


How to choose the best Wacom pen tablet for your needs

The pen tracks just fine up intuox a couple of millimeters above the tablet surface. Archived from the original on November 29, So I am wondering which tablet that would suit my needs the best: I don’t’ know, though, if this is practical, since you’d still need the mouse to work on the rest of the screen area.

Cintkq recently added a second monitor an old 15″, px X px, turned vertically to make a dual monitor setup.

Donna, the Bamboo Create, model CTH, is the only model in the Bamboo line that has a medium sized working area – 8. If it’s a little larger, up to px, you can still use it, but the cursor will be a little less precise.

Ofc If I could, I’d buy the newer Eventually, I’ll be using the touch feature more than the mouse. John, I’d go for citniq Bamboo Create. Hi, im a little bit confused.

I have a 27inch Mac display.