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The only advantage I can see in going with the ASCOM driver is the ability to upgrade the driver without having to get an upgrade for the application. If you load the driver that came with the cam, then open Maxim, and go to the camera control and click “setup camera”, scroll to the bottom of the list in the camera model box you will see ‘Video DS’ select that and you will be up and running Ive just downloaded Maxim DL Pro 5 and tryed it on my DMK21 and it works. Hardware The minimum hardware requirement is dependent on the type of camera being used. There are a vast number of webcams and frame grabbers on the market. During this year’s show, The Imaging Source showcased its latest high-end cameras with Sony Pregius…. IC Capture saves image streams directly to AVI files, either uncompressed, or by using software codecs for image compression. If you have a standard NeutronOptics camera, you need these instructions instead.

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Requirements Supported Devices SharpCap supports a wide range of cameras. The timer allows imagign time interval to be defined between two images. Toups who on 6 June pointed out that for recent versions of Windows the image must first be written to an intermediate dimensioned image file before being read into an ImageArray.

Tomography to Laue Diffraction ImageJ-for-ASCOM is copyright but free; even if you don’t have one of our cameras you can install it and try it with our camera simulator. You can test the example Orient.

Sougce is designed to take advantage of the multiple CPU cores available on most modern imagibg and will perform better for fast cameras if more than one CPU core is available. Sign In Sign Up. Click the images to enlarge them If necessary, set the Camera Properties Camera properties depend on camera You usually won’t want to change them This example is for the thin CCD Logging and dumping are for debugging x2 binning to resolution for x4 intensity Equalise frames for interlaced cameras Do NOT use Gaussian Soutce If you have a problem, download the latest ASCap.


By comparison, I tried this on 2. Ernie, SGPro does not support native drivers for your immaging. It is best for the most difficult acquisitions, especially in low flux conditions, from Tomography to Laue diffraction, even with multiple CCDs. All video devices connected to the computer are recognized automatically and multiple video sources can be opened in IC Capture simultaneously.

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IC Capture

Optics Lenses Board lenses Tubes and rings Filters. Basler Cameras A German manufacturer of a wide range of industrial cameras, some of imaigng are suitable for astro imaging. This configuration allows SharpCap to access more memory, thus reducing the likelihood of memory exhaustion while capturing. IC Capture supports the gray world and color temperature models to adjust the white balance.

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Multiple major versions can co-exist, for example 2. Continued use of SGL indicates your acceptance of our cookie policy. This can be a good fall back option when SharpCap does not have direct support for a camera.

If the Alt imahing is held down, the sequence terminates after averaging.

IC Capture – Capture images and control The Imaging Source cameras and grabbers

This applies when working in RGB mode or at bit depths of 12 or 16 bits per pixel. You can change the Capture Options by right-clicking the camera icon without re-selecting the camera, and this is usually possible even during a sequential acquisition. Under daylight conditions, where the color temperature constantly changes, the gray world model is recommended.


On some models of Basler cameras, SharpCap is capable of supporting exposures longer than the camera’s normal maximum limit by clever software control of the camera’s manual exposure triggers.

With automatic noise removal and averaging over multiple exposures, this software brings out details that might otherwise be missed. The problem with this version of the operating system is manufacturer driver support for XP will dwindle, therefore newer cameras will be unable to run on the platform.

ImageJ is an open Image processing application for the Java environment, and widely used by the scientific community. SharpCap should be able to control the full range of The Imaging Source and Celestron cameras, although testing has covered the more common USB cameras only. The name of the files written to disk can be created automatically. Imaging Source manufactured cameras are now sold under the Celestron brand.

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