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Ahh, gateway did include a really nice case. You can create a play list at a whim with NO PC! It does feel heavier, not terribly though. I can’t even begin to express how lame I think that is. I spoke to a supervisor who was flippant and could not even tell me where I could go to get a new power source put in.

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Dell’s shares certain 2×0 with Creative’s devices, while Gateway’s is based on the less successful eDigital Odyssey It even recharges so no batteries to buy. All in all, I feel this is a good player and worthy of recommendation, assuming the LCD defect here isn’t common. Pence canceled North Korea human rights speech with Trump admin concerned about talks.

How dare you not adorn this thread with pics! We shouldn’t have to make playlists to get an album to play in the right order. You get the standard playlist, shuffle, repeat, and intro playback modes, and they conveniently work in conjunction with your songs’ attributes. Battery life is about 9 hours 10 minutes, comparable with the 9 hours an equivalent iPod lasts, although slightly less than the 10 hours the product literature claims and surprisingly less than the to hour life the Odyssey gets.


Albums do not naturally play in the track order that they are tagged.

You need to create playlist for all the tracks, that needs 2×0 be played in some order; as, the player is configured to play tracks in alphabetical order by default. Don’t companies do research anymore? Post 5 of Shame on you Austonia! Post 7 of You also get an open-faced carrying case with a Velcro top and a belt clip.

Review: Gateway DMP-X20 MP3 Music Player

The DMP-X20 hard drive is the same capacity as that in the Odysseybut requires less room, shrinking the player from 4. USB2 transfers were fast, about seconds per song 5mb. It c20 look like they do though! I still feel that the gateway is a all around better unit as far as ease of use goes.

All good so far. Post 12 of The mobile world might finally get exciting again in Solving it with playlists is an easy answer for a much deeper problem, yet it’s fixable if they want it to be. Dismiss Notice We are currently updating the search index, and it will be temporarily unavailable for a couple of hours while rmp is in process.

Best MP3 Players for Anak Krakatau volcano now a quarter of its pre-eruption size. The Trump presidency’s top 5 pivotal moments of The company wisely shrank the player, slimming the dimensions to a relatively svelte 3. If you move the highlighted selection bar over text that is too long for the screen, it scrolls as soon as you select it, just like Odyssey. Doesn’t Gateway think that just about every consumer that buys this will bump into this problem and not be a happy camper.


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Gateway Jukebox Player DMP-X20 (20GB) review: Gateway Jukebox Player DMP-X20 (20GB) – CNET

Surely this kind of issue must give you food for thought on whether to hold onto it. Dec 25, at 8: Some players Creative, Rio still require a File Manager program to load data files, annoying. No onboard reconcile function on the Gateway. Too many of my albums need to played in order, and I sure as hell don’t want to make dmmp of playlists