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Message 2 of Add us to iTunes Bookmark this page: It’s well annoying, and can even prevent some devices particularly Internet of Things products from connecting to the internet altogether. Retrieved 2 June The initial access to the drive is slow but once accessed it appeared to provide normal access and is now being used as the central repository for our music collection. There is some chatter about using the USB port for network storage and it doesn’t look positive.

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In Mayit was reported that many BT Smart Hub customers are suffering problems with the router constantly rebooting and being unable to maintain a reliable internet connection.

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BT Smart Hub USB external HD Setup Guide – BT Community

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Connecting external USB drive to Home Hub 5 – BT Community

However I wish to also connect my Ubuntu laptop and the homehub bthomehhb drive. If your house is large enough to suffer from blackspots, it could be worth picking up a BT Wi-Fi Home hotspotwhich you can plug into a power socket to boost your signal.


Message 7 of There’s been discussion in the Home Hub forum about printer sharing.

Note that connecting items like webcams directly to bthpmehub Home Hub is unlikely to work, as it’s not possible to install device drivers directly onto the Home Hub.

Select the optons you want. Yes, this was one of the first things I tried. If you’re on a Windows machine, run It’s well annoying, and can even prevent some devices particularly Internet of Things products from connecting to the internet altogether. Go to Home Hub Forum. I have been unable to get the HH to recognise it, and the hub home page says ” File type not supported”. We look at what the socket’s capable of, and what you can connect to.

If your user is created on that Hub you can SSH into it.

BT Smart Hub

It will bring up another window. When posting – please make sure you include details of your computer’s operating system XP, Vista, etcwhich Service Packs have been applied, the software version your Hub’s running, and how you’re connecting Ethernet, wi-fi or USB.

Are you saying that you can access the USB drive contents from Firefox? Click Apply when you’re done and boom — no more bollocks every time you want to connect something new. Originally Posted by kalten.


Message 4 of If you’ve got any questions we’ve not covered, or need help and advice, please ask in our Home Hub forum – Sign up and post a new message. It now won’t recognise in any XP computer and Seagate are sending me a replacement unit. In my case, Dd-wrt-cape is my router. Unfortunately, some gadgets can struggle to remain connected to both at the same time, which can result in intermittent connectivity or slow performance.

What we would really like to do is maybe purchase a WD 4Tb NAS drive so we can use it as our shared file store, and be able to back up both Macs to it, probably connecting the drive to the Hub via ethernet, rather than USB.

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