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Added setting of subsequent switching of aspect ratio. Fixed problem of DVB channel switching with H. At the next installation stage you will be suggested to launch Behold TV configuration utility, which will help you to check the driver installation and to change such settings as user interface language, select audio line and video capture device. This plugin allows to visualize switching channels and tuner inputs. Recording parameters are on the corresponding log-files. Added possibility of inverting mouse wheel in control settings.

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Added possibility of saving frame aspect ratio on per channel basis for analog mode may be switched off by user. Crawling line may be any text, contents of text file or news from RSS web feeds.

This plugin illustrates the use of tuner on practical application of subliminal message 25th frame. Added ability to set the volume level in the scheduler task to view. Plugins are to process picture and to control the Behold TV application while looking or recording TV broadcast and video. It appears from the research that color of wine, or any consumable, does affect the perception of quality.

Driver installation is performed after detection of new device by operating system. A recent article in the peer-reviewed journal Flavour examined both the tactile and color characteristics of cutlery on the perceived quality of yogurt. Additionally, participants would be willing to spend more money per bottle when in blue or red lighting, compared with green or white lighting.


Driver installation Driver is the necessary component of software for every device, that will be in one way or another connected to your PC. The procedure of installation of software application is demonstrated on the case of Behold TV ver.

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This plugin allows to visualize switching channels and tuner inputs. Spectrum inversion is turned on by default for DVB-C channels. Research has suggested that how someone perceives the quality of a particular wine may not be all about how the winemaker crafts the wine, and that tastes may be influenced other factors including the color of the room or the color of the glass into which the wine is poured.

Interestingly, the combination of label shape and color did appear to influence consumer choice. Added compatibility with Windows 8.

Fixed work of DVB statistics on main panel after awakening application from sleep mode. Added support behlder Behold TV Cruise model.

Problems that may beolder during installation of the driver During installation of the driver may appear the following window: Certainly more research is needed on this idea. Added DVB video still screens with Here you can download all necessary documentation, specially developed for implementation Behold TV plugins.

Beholder: Driver and software installation

Updated firmware of Si demodulator. Select directory where driver is located. To update firmware download and unpack archive with firmware.

The main task of driver is to provide standard access to device for other programs and for OS. Fixed restoring from the system tray standby when bheolder restart the app without command line parameters. Results indicated that yogurt was perceived as higher quality and more expensive when it was consumed from a lightweight spoon compared with a heavyweight spoon.


Made icon restoration after reloading Explorer. Added ability to write NULL packets in transport stream during recording of the entire multiplex.

beholder.inf Driver File Contents (

Files are written only when configuration changed. In this case you need to allow the installation of unsigned drivers.

Fixed mouse cursor hiding in full screen mode on certain values of frame aspect ratio. Ina collaboration between researchers at the Centre for Viticulture and Oenology at Lincoln University in New Zealand and from the Department of Psychology at the University of Otago also in New Zealand found that even wine experts identified red wine aromas in Chardonnay that was colored red, though when they were not allowed to see the wine color, they were more accurate in their taste descriptor assignments.

All programs work with tuner as with standard video capture device, that registers into operating system in group “Sound, video and game controllers” of device manager after driver installation.