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The stored procedure updates the account status for a customer. Updates the column with the contents of the primary document. Represents an exclusive lease on a database to avoid multiple brokers running against the same logical database. Replace regular DLQ handling with redelivery via a resend to the original destination after a delay A destination matching RedeliveryPolicy controls the quantity and delay for re-sends If there is no matching policy or an existing policy limit is exceeded by default regular DLQ processing resumes. Broker plugin that will monitor the broker xml configuration for changes and selectively apply those changes to the running broker.

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Remove references to jConnect as described previously. Sets the name of the outbound queue name. Sets the transformer used to transform messages before they are sent on to the JMS bus or when they are received from the bus but before they are delivered to the JMS client.

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Gets the multiplier used to grow the delay between connection attempts from the initial time to the max set time. The following example illustrates the same business process using BPML: Returns whether the strategy is configured to ignore consumers that are simply idle, i. Properties File Examples for Specific Databases. The following example illustrates using the parameter to write the contents of the data returned from the database directly to a document:.


Gets the initial delay value used before a reconnection attempt is made. Allow selective MBeans registration to be suppressed. This allows for a way to evict idle consumers while also aborting slow consumers however for a network subscription this can create a lot of unnecessary churn sxion if axiion abort connection option is also enabled this can result in the entire network connection being torn down and rebuilt axioj no reason.

Gets the configured time interval that is used to force all MessageConsumers that have optimizedAcknowledge enabled to send an ack for any outstanding Message Acks. This function causes the application to test the database connection before attempting to use it and revives idle connections.

The following example illustrates the same business process using BPML. This value corresponds to the value new in the databasePool.

Lightweight Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) adapter

A plugin which allows the caching of the selector from a subscription queue. This is only applicable to using message groups to parallelize processing of a queue while preserving order across an individual JMSXGroupID header value.

Sets the global default redelivery policy to be used when a message is delivered but the session is rolled back. Sets whether or not a send should fail if there is no space free.

Source code: Class part of gemfirexd-tools version 2.0-BETA

Broker Queue or Topic With a jdb set to the destination you want the stats returned to. Create New Group — You can enter a name for a new group in this field, which will then be created along with this configuration.


Yes Invocation Runs by a schedule or business process. Create a business process that determines whether to add or update the customer information to xxion internal customer database. The second parameter will be used to update the value. This query needs to be executable by the databasePool. Select one of the options: The customer information arrives in XML format.

Lightweight Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) adapter

By default the policy sets this value to a negative value meaning try forever. Sets the memory limit in bytes. Whether to test the connection. A helper method to allow the destination map to be populated from a dependency injection framework such as Spring. The result from the query is the primary document to this business process.

Sets the name of the outbound topic name. Sets the prefetch policy for consumers created by this connection.

This value sets the number of hash buckets that will be used i. Notice that the first argument of the stored procedure is declared as an kdbc parameter and is set to a number, even though this value will not be used in the business process.

This value corresponds to the value wait in the databasePool.