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Select the Prodigy driver as your playback device. You have to use high quality Optical cable otherwise you may get loss of data or distortion. You need to prepare Windows installation CD before the installation procedure begins. Or maybe an optimal configuration for v5. In the outputs window you can see a small button that turns on the headphones mode; the headphones out is combined with the front-out. Do not select 2 ch driver.

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You can also use this software with ASIO driver mode. On one hand, such implementation looks complicated.

Prodigy 7.1

Again when it’s loaded the application window will wrap around it. Turn off the computer power and remove the power cable from your computer power supply. Now you can enjoy DVD with 5. Did Sigmatel manage to improve the quality in its new codec? Preparation for hardware installation Hardware Installation The Prodigy requires 3-steps of installation: When the loading exceeds this limit, the audio streaming is stopped and the corresponding message is shown.


Why go to the effort of selling hardware products and not provide the software for it. Other product and brand names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies. The Prodigy is interesting as the first multimedia sound card coming on the Envy24HT which implies 8 channels and audotrak.

A save file dialog asking for a file name will appear. In general, the line-in of the Prodigy can be successfully used for sampling sound from external sources.

ESI – Product Archive: Prodigy HiFi

It is marked with a brown slot and is located close to the CPU. You can use browse button to select the folder. Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus.

Along the vertical channel indicate number, output and input ports of each driver are showed. The numbers of bottom show the relative amount of level in dB. IN — Input Level meter The setup will be saved.

For more detailed info, please refer to the manual of the software. Nevertheless, they include everything necessary. If proodigy prefer profigy sound, forget about PC speakers and consider pro-audio acoustics or brand-name magnetically shielded consumer electronic speakers.


Press ‘Setup’ button and select ‘Routing’ item. Load bypass settings – If this option audiotra, on the state of bypass buttons are loaded from the setup file. High frequencies are not entirely reproduced, and some are even distorted, which makes the sound a bit hoarse. When your system keeps asking restarts the computer, just ignore that and keep going to install.

Let’s clarify why there are two sets of settings in Native Sound Processor: If this option is off the lists show channel numbers instead of actual names.

Maven 3D pro — Emersys Included Also Output 5,6 is changed to Headphone out.

ESI – Product Archive: Prodigy

The famous SB Live! Note that presets button is enabled only when a VST plug in is loaded. See the option below Default – Loads default setup file.