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First off, I am not a professional in this field. There is no latency in the earphone jack as well. The microphone has been great! None with the AT I replaced the small travel stand with a drum kick mic stand, which works great. Three of us fiddled with it for hours yesterday and eventually got it to work with the software. Keat Springfield Missouri Well, let me start by sharing

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I love it, it’s easy to use and has no static like the Bule yeti. The sound is clear and accurate for the human voice and the built-in USB us eliminates the need for and external mixer or analog-to-digital converter. Please see the below link to find the Audio-Technica office responsible for your part of the globe.

The microphone has been great! A special driver is not necessary. Other than that It works great! Like the AT, it features a low-mass diaphragm, custom-engineered for extended frequency response and superior transient response.

Thanks for your inquiry. If located in Canada, please contact: First off, I am not a professional in this field. I record vocals and voice overs, and wanted a quality mic.

Audio-Technica ATUSB Cardioid Condenser Microphone | eBay

I just plugged it in and it worked. The box says the microphone works with Windows 7, but the manual included with the microphone makes no reference to the setup and use of the microphone on a Windows 7 machine. No hard ag2020 just plug it in and it works! I also note that the mic has been discontinued without explanation by audo-technica. If you raise the volume, the noise will get so high that the recording is trash.


In the end this is an easy and good sounding mic that is a great choice if your just starting out. In those programs you’re not really going to want to buy a mic this expensive and you may want to go for something cheaper. I replaced the small travel stand with a drum kick mic stand, which works great.

They would be happy to help you. Plug it in and transform your sound. I knew I was missing something so I explored options for better quality products. Thank you for your inquiry. I also have the xlr version at020 had mlc have a mixer. In fact this is the most expensive microphone that Sub have ever used.

I purchased around a year ago, and I love it. I use the microphone for some YouTube videos and it was very simple to use in every program. I bought this mic, plugged it in and had an afternoon of low-quality, low-level recording issues in Audacity, Ableton Live and then Adobe Audition.


They would be happy to help you. Volume levels are very low even if you talk into the microphone at very close range.

Audio-Technica AT2020USB Cardioid Condenser Microphone

Only problem I’m having is that for some reason my codec splits it into two inputs, and the stereo input is considerably louder on the left channel than it is on the right. After uppgrading to windows 10 the sound quality is really bad.

A fan of Audio-Technica products I consulted with an audio expert and this mic was at020. Actual selling price may vary; please check with an authorized Audio-Technica dealer. Christbearer McComb, MS I see videos everyday on the Internet that are from big name companies that sound like they were recorded from the bottom of a barrel.

Thisconsidering it’s price, really checks all of the boxes