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Yes, I do it similarly. I have also posted in various places requesting a specific reproducible example of the IAC bus being less reliable than any other MIDI bus, with no response. I found a new thing for virtual midi cables! Week 6 Magic Magi Mix. How to save a copy of your Logic Session with all the stuff it needs.

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Welcome to year 2! I agree that there are a lot of forum postings about timing, jitter, and other issues with the IAC Bus.

Set up MIDI devices using Audio MIDI Setup on Mac

How to create EXS instruments, from scratch! Final Instrumentation for April 1 Recording session.

How to export your music from Logic. Past assignments I’m working on them! Make Your Mockups Sound Better. Wk 2 – Mixing Assignment. Global Folk Writing Guide Hill. Amon Tobin – interview in S. How to make a click track midu Logic.


How to use the IAC Driver – MFA Lab

Mar 07 6: How to send files. Cubase doesn’t recall midi send settings with track presets, so I can’t disable the midi tracks!

How to tweak EXS instruments. How to use Side Chain Compression in Logic.

What is the “IAC Driver Bus 1”? – Apple Community

What Chris wants by This lets you share midi information without the restrictions of Rewire! I’m using the IAC bus since many years without any problems and midl less than 1ms.

But you are right, this could be more related to that software Time Stretching in Pro Tools. Try Max free for 30 days.

Thats of Hindustani Music. Wk 10 fast turnaround film scoring aka “Stew”. How to make your GFT musician mixes. Scoring IV – Blows. I have just programmed a generic remote for a miditrack template to let max know, which track is selected.

Further, being able to name them would be great. The Lab Writing and Aople Assignment. Probably some people have issues with the IAC bus just because it’s bidirectional.


Monoplugs Forum

Exporting instruments from Logic. Cycling ’74 will be closed on Dec 25th, 26th, and Jan 1st. I will eventually probably move my whole template from VEpro network to hosting in standalone on each slave-PC, getting the audio to the main machine via Madi stream.

To rename, double-click on the port and enter a new name. How to edit transient markers in Logic. Only the “unlimited” part seems to be the missing thing ATM. Basic Synth Sounds Cookbook.